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NL-Term - Association for Dutch Terminology

NL-Term, the association for Dutch Terminology, was founded in 1997, with the support of the Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie). It is a field association and a reference for anyone who is involved in Dutch terminology, at a practical or theoretical level.

The board of NL-Term consists of the following members:

Joost Buysschaert (co-president), Marcel Thelen (co-president), Jan Convents (secretary-treasurer), Frieda De Vos, Oele Koornwinder, Els Ruijsendaal, Hennie van der Vliet, Ingrid van Gent and Cornelia Wermuth.

Since its inception, NL-Term has organised over twenty conferences and symposia.

NL-Term is also open to cooperation with other organisations involved in activities relating to terminology.


NL-Term (the association for Dutch Terminology) aims to position itself as a field association and act as a pivot

  • between users,

  • between users and the Language Union, as well as

  • between users and the Institute for the Dutch Language (Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal), and/or the Centre of Expertise for Dutch Terminology (Expertisecentrum Nederlandstalige Terminologie),

with the aim of maintaining and reinforcing Dutch terminology and domain-specific language.


Dutch terminology and domain-specific language play an important role in effective and efficient communication between government/institutions/businesses and citizens in the Dutch-speaking language areas on the one hand, and between citizens on the other. Anglicisation of Dutch terminology and domain-specific language contributes to loss of cultural identity and to miscommunication. This also has adverse consequences for education and other sectors of society. Therefore, Dutch terminology and domain-specific language should be maintained and reinforced.


In order to implement this mission and vision, NL-Term has the following objectives:

  1. fostering cooperation in the subject field;

  2. representing the interests of speakers of Dutch regarding terminology and domain-specific language;

  3. making terminology and its importance within the Dutch-speaking language areas more widely known;

  4. fostering know-how in the field of terminology.


NL-Term aims to achieve these objectives by, among other things:

  1. organising the yearly TiNT days (Terminology in the Dutch-speaking language areas);

  2. offering an interactive forum on its website, intended for and used by users;

  3. active involvement in building up and positioning the Centre of Expertise for Dutch Terminology ENT of the institute for the Dutch language INT;

  4. providing both solicited and unsolicited advice to the Taalunie, based on information from the professional field;

  5. cooperation and exchange of information with ENT and INT.


New president: since 16 March 2019, NL-Term has two co-presidents:

Joost Buysschaert and Marcel Thelen


In order to avoid spam (unwanted mail) as much as possible, please use the encrypted e- mail address of the secretary of NL-Term:

jean (full stop) convents (at) telenet (full stop) be